Today’s TV to watch

Okay we got a couple of big things coming on TV today….

Gotham: Today is the series premiere of FOX’s new show “Gotham” which recounts the origin of some of our favorite heroes and villains. This show is expected to do great and im counting on it. Remember to tune in at 8 PM CT

The Big Bang Theory: BAZINGA!!! To all you fans of the “The Big Bang Theory”, Season 8 will premiere today at 7 PM CT on NBC. Season 7 left us with many questions such as:
Did Sheldon actually board the train?
If so, What will become when he returns?
How will Leanord and Penny’s engagement turn out?
What Will Happen to The ComicBook Store???
What will happen with Raj’s relationship??
Will Stewart continue to live with Howard’s mother?
Will Leanord and Penny move in together?
Will Sheldon be able to change his field of study?

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2 of FOX’s show “Sleepy Hollow” premieres today at 8 PM CT. Last season left us with questions such as:
What will happen to Abby in Purgatory?
What will happen to Ichabod after being buried alive?
What will happen to Katrina after being taken by the horseman?

Scorpion: The series premiere of “Scorpion” will premiere today at 8 PM CT on NBC. It is about a group of geniuses who are hired to help the government solve cases. Remember to watch

Review: Red Band Society

Yesterday The Red Band Society premiered on fox… It us a show about a group of teenagers who are living in a Hospital… This show was meant to warm our hearts and make everybody cry… And that’s exactly what it did… This show has a lot of potential however it needs to find some sort of conflict to drive the show in a certain direction and steer away from their versions of the stereotypical teenager. Overall, Great show… Minor lapses but great potential :D



Just took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I was challenged by castithientogenes and my little sister (though castithientogenes was first!). I thought I would be too awesome to feel the cold. I was not. I also donated $100 to the ALS Association. In the video I officially challenged Kevin Murphy (showrunner of Defiance), Trick Dempsey (lead developer of Defiance for Trion) and Brian Alexander (writer for Defiance). They’re on the clock!